After School Creative Expression Sessions

During term 3, The Cr3ative Space is holding Wednesday afternoon art sessions designed to take student’s art making to the next level, whilst nurturing their individual self-expression and offering structured support, so that everyone can enjoy learning at his or her own pace and experiencing the joy of creating. Over the term, we will be […]

Back to School Blues

How to help with the “Back to School Blues”

It’s a couple of weeks into the new school year.  The kids are back at school.  They have settled into their new classes, met their new teachers and reconnected with their friends.  Things look like they are going well. Then, out of the blue (or so it seems) the tears start, the tummy pains and […]

How to Help Your Child With Back to School Anxiety

With the Easter school holidays coming to an end for a large number of students around the country, I am sure that anxiety levels are starting to increase for many of them. Not wanting to go back to school is not unusual for children, but when this becomes extreme and causes not only the child, […]